Public Administration: Concepts and Theories

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Under the impact of globalisation, new ways of conceptualising administrative reality have been formulated, which explain the complexities of state-society relations and public private partnerships. This revised edition includes all these and many other new themes of contemporary relevance to the discipline of public administration and to the practising world of governance.

This book is an introduction to the study of public administration—the discipline as well as the profession—in both western and non-western administrative contexts. Major administrative theories and concepts have been explained and related to the politico-administrative situation in the developed and developing countries. Latest research findings have been used, wherever necessary, to provide empirical support to the issues discussed.

An attempt has been made to link administrative thought and practice in the context of diverse administrative systems and cultures. In recent times, many new approaches to the study of the subject have become popular. The ‘public choice school’, the ‘new public management’ paradigm, the concepts of ‘governance’ and ‘entrepreneurial government’, some of the new concepts which have emerged in the theory and teaching of the subject, have been incorporated in this new edition.

Contents: Nature and Scope of Public Administration • Changing Perspectives in Public Administration: Current Concerns • Approaches and Relations with Other Subjects • Importance and Challenges in Societies • Administration, Polity and Society • Theories of Organisation • Administrative Behaviour • Principles of Organisation • Structure of Organisation • Personnel Administration-I • Personnel Administration - II: Some Issues • Financial Administration • Administrative Law, Regulation and Reforms • Development Administration • Comparative Public Administration-I • Comparative Public Administration-II • Public Policy • Administration and People • Bibliography • Index