Administrative Thinkers

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With the expansion of public administration as a discipline in India, the need for literature on administrative theory is being increasingly felt. This book fills the gap, in part. It provides an account of the ideas and contributions of twenty two thinkers to the discipline. Each chapter covers an outline of the thinker’s life, writings, principal contribution to the theory and a critical evaluation.

This volume is weaved together with the contributions of twenty one teachers with vast experience in the study, teaching and research in public administration, political science, sociology and management. It offers a single source of reference on public administration theory, particularly contributions of select thinkers. In this third and revised edition two thinkers have been added apart from revision of the chapters.

Over years the book gained recognition and became a compulsory reading to the students, scholars and teachers of public administration. It is also an important source book for those appearing for competitive civil service and other examinations at national and state levels in public administration and management.

Contents: Introduction • Kautilya • Sun Tzu • Woodrow Wilson • Henri Fayol • Frederick W. Taylor • Max Weber • Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick • Mary Parker Follett • George Elton Mayo • Chester I Barnard • Herbert A. Simon • Abraham Maslow • Douglas McGregor • Chris Argyris • Frederick Herzberg • Rensis Likert • Fred W. Riggs • Yehezkel Dror • Karl Marx • Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar • Bibliography • Index