History of Modern World From AD 1500 TO AD 2013

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Contents: Part I: Enlightenment and Modern Ideas • Renaissance as Historical Background • Major Ideas of Enlightenment: Kant and Rousseau, Impact of Science on Religion • Enlightenment in the Colonies • Rise Of Socialist Ideas Part II: Origins of Modern Politics • The Rise of The Nation-States In Europe • American Revolution and the Constitution • The French Revolution of 1789 and the Aftermath, 1789-1815 • American Civil War (1861-65) with Reference to Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery • British Democratic Politics, 1815-1850; Parliamentary Reformers, Free Traders, Chartists Part III: Industrialization • English Industrial Revolution: Causes and Impact on Society • Industrialization of the United States • Globalization Part IV: Nation-State System • Nationalism in the 19th century • Nationalism: State Building in Germany and Italy • Nationalism: Disintegration of Empires Part V: Imperialism and Colonialism • Imperialism and Colonialism: South Asia • Latin American and South Africa • Colonization of Australia • Imperialism and Free Trade: Rise of New Imperialism Part VI: Revolution and Counter Revolution • Revolution and Counter-Revolution 19th Century European Revolutions • The Russian Revolution of 1917-1921 • Fascist Counter-Revolution: Fascist Italy • The Chinese Revolution of 1949 Part VII: World Wars • First and Second World Wars as Total Wars: Societal Implications • World War I: Causes and Consequences • World War II: Causes and Consequences Part VIII: The World after World War II • Emergence of Two Power Blocs • Emergence of Third World and Non-Alignment • UNO and Global Disputes Part IX: Liberation from Colonial Rule • Latin America-Bolivar • Arab World-Egypt • Apartheid to Democracy • South-East Asia-Vietnam Part X: Factors Constraining Development: Latin America, Africa Part XI: Unification of Europe • Post-War Foundations: NATO and European Community • The European Union Part XII: Decline and fall of the Soviet Union • Disintegration and fall of the Soviet Union • Political Changes in Eastern Europe • Cold War Part XIII: Science, Technology and Environment • Science and Technology in the Modern World • Environmental Challenges Part XIV: Current History • Towards the New Millennium • From the Afghan Civil War to Arab Spring