Tourism Development

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Tourism, today, is one of the largest industries in the world. The industry has a great potential for growth in the new millennium. As an industry, tourism is a highly complex phenomenon, as various disciplines are involved in its study. Therefore, it becomes of paramount importance that both students as also industry professionals, must not only understand, but also fine-tune their knowledge of this complex subject.

Tourism Development: Principles and Practices approaches the subject of tourism from the perspectives of a social science. Some basic disciplines, such as economics, sociology, psychology, environment and geography are discussed as these relate to tourism. The book, divided into two, looks at different dimensions of the subject.

Part I covers dimensions such as historical, economic, organisational and international. Part II examines the service dimensions to assist professionals in understanding and managing the tourism activity. The six chapters in this part deal with planning and development, marketing and communication and key product elements like accommodation and travel organisation sector. Divided in thirteen chapters, the book systematically covers various dimensions related to the subject of tourism.

The book will be of value to both professionals and students pursuing tourism studies at training institutes and colleges affiliated to both Indian and foreign universities.

Contents: Part I : Historical Dimensions • Emergence of Modern Mass Tourism • Psychological Dimensions of Travel • Economic Dimensions • International Dimensions • The Organisation of Tourism • International Tourism Organisations Part II: Tourist Accommodation • The Role of the Travel Agency • Tourism Planning and Development • Marketing for Tourism • Marketing communications • Tourism in India • Glossary of terms • International Tourism Organizations • Tourism Periodicals • Institution Imparting Training in Tourism • Index