A Textbook of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics

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Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Food and nutrition play a prominent role in maintaining health. A Textbook of Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics is a complete reference work for students of home science, nursing and nutrition. It covers the syllabi for degree courses of almost all universities in India and of developing countries.

The book is divided into four parts: Nutrition, Foods, Nutrition in Health and Nutrition in Diseases. Chapters on applied nutrition, diet surveys, anthropometric measurements and food adulteration have been added for the benefit of students of extension courses. The tables of recommended dietary intake for various groups will be useful to dieticians and food counsellors.

This book is written keeping socio-economic and health conditions in India and developing countries in perspective. Cheap and nourishing food substitutes and novel foods developed through nutrition research have also been listed. The role of nutrition in health and the fundamental principles of nutrition are explained with a view to their application to individuals in all age groups and health conditions.

Contents: Part I: Nutrition • An Introduction to Food, Nutrition and Health • Carbohydrates • Proteins • Lipids • Energy Metabolism • Vitamins • Minerals • Water • Part II: Foods: Cereals and Cereal Products • Pulses • Vegetables • Fruits • Milk and Milk Products • Meat • Fish • Eggs • Sweetening Agents • Spices and Condiments • Fats and Oils • Beverages • Methods of Cooking • Food Preservation • Novel Foods and Processed Foods • Food, Sanitation and Hygiene • Food Adulteration and Consumer Protection • Food Groups and Guidelines for Food Selection • Meal Planning • Part III: Nutrition in Health: Balanced Diets • Nutrition in Pregnancy • Nutrition During Lactation • Nutrition in Infancy • Nutrition of Pre-school Children • Nutrition of School Children • Nutrition During Adolescence • Nutrition During Old Age • Nutrition of Workers or Labourers • Part IV: Nutrition in Diseases: Therapeutic Modifications • Diet During Deficiency Diseases • Obesity • Gastro-intestinal Disturbances • Peptic Ulcer • Constipation • Ulcerative Colitis • Diarrhoea and Dysentery • Malabsorption Syndrome • Diet in Fevers • Liver Diseases • Diabetes Mellitus • Diseases of the Cardiovascular System • Cancer and Nutrition • Aids and Nutritional Care • Sports Nutrition • Diet in Gout and Osteoarthritis • Acidic and Alkaline Foods • Diet During Nervous Disturbances • Diet in Alcoholism • Nutrition in Allergies • Kidney Diseases • Assessment of Nutritional Status • Diet Surveys • Nutrition Education • Appendices