Public Relations Management

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The current century has witnessed a tremendous spurt in media and technology, thus making the job of a PR practitioner more challenging, but at the same time interesting. Constant media exposure on matters—social, economic political and corporate—has resulted in people demanding more accountability from those who govern them and also those in the marketplace. The new age media has brought about a paradigm shift on the power of the pen. Is it the mainstream media or the citizen journalists and bloggers, who spare no time in expressing their views on everything under the sun? And this has made a definite difference to organizations, who have to be much more vigilant than before. Public Relations has come center stage in lending advise on areas that did not traditionally fall in its purview, especially in care management, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Those who study and practice PR have to understand the dynamics of the changing media matrix and acquire skills on how to handle various media. It is hoped, the book will provide many new insights and hands-on-skills to both the students and young practitioners in pursuing their jobs more efficiently and vigorously.

Contents: Acknowledgements • Preface • Part I: Understanding Concepts, strategies and tools • 1. Defining Public Relations • 2. History of PR in India • 3. Public Relations Theory • 4. Public Relations and Other Management Disciplines 5. Media and its Relevance to PR • The PR Process • 7. PR Tools and Methods • 8. Troika of Communication—Message, Medium and Audience • 9. Employee Communication • 10. Public Relations Writing • 11. PR and Crisis Communication • 12. PR in Marketing Mix • 13. Digital PR • Part II: Understanding the technical Aspects of PR • 14. Graphics as a Public Relations Tool • 15.Visual Communication • 16. Understanding Type and Printing Processes • 17. Printed Literature • 18. Web page Design • 19. Understanding Multimedia • 20. Corporate Identity for Image Build-Up • Part III : Understanding Legalities and Professional Requirements • 21. Public Relations – Laws and Ethics • 22. PR: An Agenda for Tomorrow • Glossary • Index