Shree Sai Gyaneshwari - English

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Shri Sai Gyaneshwari is the fruit of His extreme mercy and kindness. It consists of truth, wisdom, and knowledge. This knowledge is like an entire ocean placed in a small pot. It is very precise, has a universal approach, and has the divine ability to transform even the non-devotees to the path of spirituality.

Shri Sai appeared in 19th century in Shirdi and blessed the world for 60 years. The whole world has felt the divinity of His presence. He insisted on simplicity and purity, rather than the rigid religious practices. He is still as active as before and millions have experienced His divine presence and powers.

A lot of believers and devotees used to come to him from distant places and He used to bless them with a few words of knowledge and instructions.With the divine grace, all those who came to Him were more than satisfied. He used to fulfil their worldly and spiritual desires. He blessed many with children and many got cured of their deadly diseases. Those who had desire for pure devotion and knowledge, Shri Sai blessed them with incredible divine knowledge.