Creative Management

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This book discusses appropriate strategy imperatives and provides a step-by-step approach to creative management. Chapters on the context of creativity and designing integrated creative strategy explain the building blocks of creative management. The need for new thinking, theories and management paradigms, as well as attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK), are systematically presented.

Various approaches to seeding of curiosity to initiate proactive change and customer-focused learning culture are presented. Chapters on the role of creativity in the world of commerce, creative digital disruptions and need for learning organisations provide a backdrop for the challenges and opportunities created by globalisation and digital technologies. Discussions on the economics of creativity realistically substantiate the commercial advantages of the creative management paradigm.

Various caselets are designed to initiate creative thinking. They provide situations to analyse and synthesise ideas from different specialisations in the organisations to create synergised innovative organisations and create contextual platforms for creative design-thinking to evolve and nurture creative management in organisations.