Sterling printing is a leading printing company that provides personalized solutions. We invest regularly in state-of –the-art technology, infrastructure and people which help in up gradation of our deliverables. With a product portfolio that specializes in printing magazines, books, art books, journals and diaries, we also produce ring binders, stickers, decals, paper boxes, board- game boxes and paper bags. We are 400 + people strong company concentrating in this domain with a vision to provide a better and special printing experience across the world. At present we export to 45 + countries covering south and East Asia, middle east Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean region.

We provide a one – stop “seamless “logistics services and real- time tracking of cargo; and a 24-hour response service feedback. We are available for communication anytime, anywhere.

Sterling utilizes full digital workflow and has pioneered the use of ctp system, which sets us apart from our competitors in terms of better printing quality and higher productions on a daily basis, from order taking, materials, capacity planning, covering auto workflow , to palletisation of books into containers and the preparation of bills of lading and invoices on – line for our customers.

Academic Books

Sterling offers a feast for readers who appreciate the contribution of knowledge. Anticipating the changing needs of discerning students and teachers, our academic and text book catalogues are in tune with evolving global educational trends. Our little range from economics, political science, public administration, social studies , psychology, journalism, tourism, English language studies and so on.


Sterling publishes a treasure trove of books on a variety of subjects, catering to diverse areas of human interest ranging from philosophy, literature to self – improvement and management. Some of our authors who shape the thinking of our readers include the eminent kiran bedi, napoleon hill, James Allen and peter a hunter